Tiffany became a therapist for one reason, world peace. This same reason still drives her in her career 15 years later.

Graduating from University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2008, and a Master’s degree in Social Work in 2009.

She specializes in working with pre-teens, teens, young adults, and their families, in the areas of trauma, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, legal involvement, interpersonal conflict, self-esteem, substance use, family issues and other mental health or relational concerns. Part of her career has been focused on the areas of suicidology, crisis intervention, forensics and CIT training for law enforcement. She was a part of the first mental health courts in the state of Colorado. She was also a crisis evaluator in the emergency room and assigned to several major hospitals in the Denver area for nearly 10 years.

Having spent over a decade strengthening and refining her ability to understand the core problem helps her to quickly retrieve information about the underlying causes of psychological and emotional pain and dysfunction, thus providing the ability for her clients to regain a sense of peace. Her work in the emergency room and hospitals has provided her with an enormous amount of experience for every type of situation.

Clients have said Tiffany has helped them to better understand themselves, create and maintain healthy and happy relationships, and move away from ineffective behavioral and relational patterns. This allows them to work toward a life they consider fulfilling and worth living.

One of the most important things she wants people to know is that our psychological suffering is often rooted in trauma and unhealthy subconscious beliefs. There may also be physiological factors holding us back. It can cause even more frustration and pain when we do not fully understand why we feel or behave in the ways we do. This relates to her favorite quote, an African proverb:

“When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.”

Tiffany is also very passionate about working with military professionals and first responders, including firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMS personnel, medical and criminal justice service workers – those who are on the front lines and battlefields. One of her ultimate career goals is to pass along all her experience, knowledge and expertise to the next generation of students going into social work.